Dan Ha

Tonight, I lit a candle for my friend, Dan Ha. He disappeared October 31, 2014, and 12 days later, we got the news that he would not be coming back to us.

I have never experienced a friend go missing before. In the city, we stapled posters to telephone poles. I remember holding a stack of flyers, and feeling them burn in my hands. They needed to be seen.

Dan was always reaching for something that was just beyond his grasp. He was never satisfied with the veneer of life; he had to go deeper, higher, and farther. He was a true entrepreneur. It is saddening to think of all the young entrepreneurs who will never know his wisdom and creativity.

He was a great friend and an amazing human being.

A simple note is not enough to honor Dan's memory. After the grief and anger and sadness subside, I will think of something greater.

Until then, I have lit a candle.