Dan Ha

Tonight, I lit a candle for my friend, Dan Ha. He disappeared October 31, 2014, and 12 days later, we got the news that he would not be coming back to us.

I have never experienced a friend go missing before. In the city, we stapled posters to telephone poles. I remember holding a stack of flyers, and feeling them burn in my hands. They needed to be seen.

Dan was always reaching for something that was just beyond his grasp. He was never satisfied with the veneer of life; he had to go deeper, higher, and farther. He was a true entrepreneur. It is saddening to think of all the young entrepreneurs who will never know his wisdom and creativity.

He was a great friend and an amazing human being.

A simple note is not enough to honor Dan's memory. After the grief and anger and sadness subside, I will think of something greater.

Until then, I have lit a candle.

8 new iOS designs that are better than Apple's

Apple has placed design guru Jony Ive in charge of the look and feel of iOS, and speculation has never been hotter. The upcoming iOS 7 will likely feature the most significant visual upgrade of the platform ever. One rumor says that privacy filters are required during field testing to prevent onlookers from catching a glimpse of the new design.

But we don't have to wait until Apple's announcement to imagine what could be in store: users of Dribbble, a "show-and-tell" for designers, have been hard at work reimagining iOS with a clean new design.

Manu Gamero has produced a set of refreshing, minimalist iOS icons that breathe new life into a tired home screen.

It's not functional to leave out the app name, but it sure looks nice.

It's not functional to leave out the app name, but it sure looks nice.

Newar has created similar icons that share the clean, minimalist motif:

Could the iOS keyboard use a visual update? Pieter Goris might say yes. His take on the Messages app most notably shows off a white-on-black keyboard, which I find both visually striking and easier to read. 

The iOS app switcher is unintuitive and contains little useful information. Designer Jesse Head has mocked up a much better one, with built in search and music controls. 

The "Slide to unlock" gesture hasn't changed at all since the original iPhone. Anton Kudin's "Fold to unlock" seems much more intuitive. 

Similarly, Messages hasn't changed much since 2007, and I find it visually lacking. What would happen if we added some faces to the experience? Justin Nurse found out.

Another shot from Justin. Could the Contacts app be more than just a simple alphabetical list of names?

Bonus shot: we're seeing slide-out navigation (sometimes referred to as a "hamburger menu") everywhere. This visual metaphor from Álvaro Carreras looks fun!

Did I miss any great designs? Email me at me@josh.io.


Another awesome shot from Pieter Goris for a new lock screen. It's crisp and clean. I love it.